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Expert Debt Collection Agency: Get Back What You're Owed

Are you struggling to recover debts owed to your business? Dealing with unpaid debts can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even costly for your company. That’s where our professional debt collection agency can help. Our expert team is dedicated to providing effective debt collection solutions to businesses of all sizes. 

With years of experience and a proven track record, we have the knowledge and resources to help you get back what you’re owed. Whether you need assistance with commercial debt recovery or consumer debt collection, our agency is here to provide the support you need to succeed.

Expertise Backed by Trusted Debt Collection & Professional Associations

As a recognised member of trusted debt collection professional associations, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients and maintaining ethical standards in our debt collection practices. Our membership in these associations also demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement and staying ahead of industry developments. Trust us to provide you with effective and ethical debt collection services.

Debt Recovery Services

Formed in 2002, Thornbury Collection Services Ltd began life collecting clients’ unpaid invoices where our focus was that we never took sides. Our neutral stance is still the cornerstone of our collections ethos and we aim to help both parties reach an amicable agreement which ensures future business for our clients. Building on this foundation, we began helping our clients, and ultimately their own clients too, with all manner of cash flow issues.

Professional Memberships

We are members of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and Steve is currently the Chair for the South Wales branch and hosts regular events in the local region.

We are really pleased to be chosen as the sole UK partner for Global Credit Solutions (GCS Group), a world leading credit, collection and risk management enterprise. With more than 100 offices, physically located in over 90 countries, this makes international debt recovery feasible via Thornbury Collections now a global debt collection company.

So who do we help with debt recovery?

We recognise that debt recovery is probably the least enjoyed aspect of any business or company, mainly because most individuals have little knowledge or training in good collection practice. We offer a “No Win, No Fee” debt recovery service using our focused, flexible and specialised service.

We also offer alternative debt solutions to assist with your long-term cashflow management. We can provide you with an outsourced credit control function to enable you to refocus your attention to the main core of your business. Maybe you’re with a factoring company but would like a review of your current arrangement, maybe you’d like to discuss Confidential Invoice Discounting, or maybe a hands on credit control package would suit you better. If you have a cash flow issue we will have a solution!

We have a whole range of clients, in all sorts of industries, in all sorts of need of our help!

Are you a 'one-man-band'?

Are you struggling to juggle your business with all other aspects of running a business? Do you have the time, effort and inclination to spend hours chasing your invoices that should have been paid weeks ago? Would you rather your slow-payers were more prompt in paying? We can offer a fully outsourced credit control facility for just £10 per invoice.

We have already helped hundreds of businesses just like yours!

Are you a large national / PPI company?

Do you have your own in-house collection team? What do you do at the end of your process? Do you have an alternative plan? Do you go straight to court? Would you like a more viable option?

Then we can help! We offer credit control training for your teams and have already helped businesses just like you!

“We spoke with Anita after recieveing a referal and she and Thornbury Collection Services lived up to the recommendation. Anita has guided us through the best practice for creating a contract and payment procedure that gives us and our clients the protection we all need. The step by step review, recommendations and guidance has given us all the confidence we require that our process is as robust and legal as it can be. When it comes to the cost of the service if only all professional services would offer a flat fee that covered the whole process from start to final documents – amazing”
– Ben Thornton , Drivebymedia

“As a busy Claims Management Company, we often found that chasing clients who were unwilling to pay, took more time than we could afford. Since we have started using Thornbury Collection Services, we have found that many of the clients we were continually chasing have quickly settled their fees or set up repayment plans. Thornbury Collection Services have adapted their service to our business needs.”
– Amy Hillier, Action Direct

“I have known Peter for many years, originally as a colleague at Carlyle Finance and more recently in his capacity as a debt collection agency we have employed. Peter’s integrity and commitment is undoubted and he has continually provided us a first class service coupled with outstanding results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and Thornbury to prospective clients.”
– David Briggs, Carlyle Finance (MotoNovo Finance)

Are you in-between the above?

Are you spending more time chasing the invoice than you were getting the sale? Is the late payment affecting your cash flow?

Then we can help! We have already helped hundreds of businesses just like you!

Remember – The longer the invoice remains unpaid the higher chance it will never be paid!

But are we any good?

We do not – nor have we ever – charged our clients unless we have been successful in achieving payment from theirs! As we were established in 2002 – and are still around today – we think that answers the question!

We operate on a strictly ‘No-win-no-fee’ basis (pre-litigation) – and that means what it says! There are no questionable or hidden ‘Membership fees, joining fees, administration fees, deposits’ etc – Believe us, just when we think we’ve heard them all – another new company will invent a new-phrase aimed at getting cash out of you, before they undertake any meaningful work on your behalf!

Our advice on this matter is simple: DO NOT part with any money up front to any company who will claim they can get your money back. They simply can’t promise you that!

Learn more about debt collection agencies with this video link.

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*Pre-Action Protocols: A ‘set-of-rules,’ defined by Her Majesties Court Service, that MUST be satisfied by all parties, before a Court Hearing can take place. Usually, part of those protocols requires a mediation meeting takes place.