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So much more than just collections!

  • Outsourced Credit Control
  • Credit Control Training
  • Credit Policies & Process Reviews
  • T&Cs Reviewing & Drafting
  • Insolvency Ledgers
  • Ledger Verification
  • Trace Agents
  • International Debt Recovery
  • Statutory Demand Issue
  • Small Claims Court Litigation
  • High Court Enforcement

Introductions to commercial finance brokers covering:

  • Commercial Finance
  • Factoring
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Confidential Invoice Discounting
  • Asset Finance
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Business Cost Reduction

We offer clients a tailor-made service with a very unique approach for debt recovery:

We will add both parts of the Late Payment Charges ( to your debt if you haven't done so already.

Letters and telephone calls have their place - but often, there will be a reluctance from the recipient, to 'get involved' with a company like ours, at first. Sometimes, this is because of the 'debt-collector-reputation', of baseball-bats and knuckledusters! We go out-of-our-way to make sure nobody gets that impression from us! We help them understand that we're there to help. We'll listen to what they say. We'll relay between parties.

We'll identify the real reason behind non-payment by stripping away any excuses.

We'll seek to repair any breakdown in relationship/communication - which often leads to a successful reconciliation of the trading relationship.

We make Personal and Individual assessment of each and every case. Although the pre-action protocols* have to be satisfied, we do not believe in the 'one-size-fits-all' philosophy. Every case is different!

Make and monitor, arrangements-to-pay.

Usually, we have an 'answer' for you within just 28 days. That may be: payment-in-full, a payment-arrangement, or, regrettably, that your 'debtor' has no grounds to withhold payment - but isn't going to pay anyway! Thankfully, the latter is not a common-finding - but we'll be there to guide you through all the options and be rest assured YOU are in charge! These people are not to be confused with those that simply can't pay!

Importantly, YOU will remain in charge of 'What happens next?' - Aside from attempting to satisfy the pre-action protocols* (which we must!) we will never take an action without discussing with you, first. If we fail to get your money, and the only course left to you IS the legal system, then that's your choice - we won't 'push' you into making it!

What Our Clients Expect - We Provide!

We are an extra pair of hands for your company, regardless of size or requirement.

Introductions to the right companies providing the right solutions for you.

Direct and Successful collection of monies owed.

No collection - No fee (in pre-litigation cases).

Free 'Review' of your current invoice layout: Does it say what it needs to say?!

Proven track record.

Quality references. (Hundreds of them, if you want them!)

But of course, there will be times when taking legal action may be the only viable way forward!

If you want, we can even take care of the initial paper-pounding process, of preparing your bundle of documents to support a Particulars of Claim. There is a charge for this service, as per our T&C’s.

We have an excellent relationship with the High Court Enforcement officers, who operate right throughout the UK, and once a judgment is received, we can instruct them.

Thornbury really do offer a one stop Check to Cheque service.

‘Going the extra mile’ is not just a buzz-phrase for Thornbury Collection Services. We mean what we say – We WILL do all that we can to get you the result you’re after – or as near to it as we can, in as short a time as we can!

Learn more about debt collection agencies with this video link.

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*Pre-Action Protocols: A ‘set-of-rules,’ defined by Her Majesties Court Service, that MUST be satisfied by all parties, before a Court Hearing can take place. Usually, part of those protocols requires a mediation meeting takes place.