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Some of our clients – and what they say about us…

Steven February 2022

“Thank you for the excellent work recovering money owed from what turned out to be a very difficult debtor. Being a large business seems to mean they can ignore smaller companies when it comes to settling their bills. You have not only recovered our funds but also left them with a sharp reminder they are not above the Law. I would recommend your Company to anyone suffering the same big company bully-boy tactics.”

Richard February 2022

“I have to say we could not be happier with the service we received from Anita recently.

Our debt, which was long overdue, was dealt with extremely efficiently and promptly by Anita and her A Team and she had the sum which was in excess of £10,000 in our account within 72 hours of instruction.

So my advice:

If you have a problem,
If no one else can help,
And if you can find them,
Maybe you can hire the A-team – they’ll definitely see you right.”

Paul, MD November 2021

“Fantastic service. Created and implemented the credit control procedures we required which has had a very positive impact for us. Thanks Anita much appreciated.”

Satisfied Client October 2021

“A huge thank you to Anita and the team at Thornbury Collections Services for our payment process review. Anita helped us out massively from the start not just with the payment process review but also helped organise getting our terms and conditions in place as well. The procedures that have now been put in place are great and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Thornbury Collection Services to anyone who requires a review of their payment process. Thanks Again.”

Louise Sheffield, Company Director August 2021

“I asked Anita to assist in recovering a long standing debt owed to my company. There were sensitive circumstances which had made this difficult for me to do myself. Anita quickly stepped in and within days I had a repayment plan which was adhered to. The process was quick and easy from my point of view although no doubt Anita had to call on her experience and expertise to resolve this matter so promptly. I am very happy with the outcome.”

Satisfied Client July 2021

“I first became aware of Anita’s work via LinkedIn. I am fortunate enough to very rarely need debt collection services as most of my clients are excellent, but I did log Anita’s name in my mind for future use. A while after, a situation came about which was much more a matter of principal to me. We quoted a project, had our quote accepted, completed the work and sent the invoice. This was for an existing customer who we had completed several projects for and although they had a history of late payments, always came through in the end. This time the goodwill ran dry and eventually, once payment was some two months late already, they decided the price was too high and attempted to renegotiate or we could take our chances down the legal route. We did the latter and immediately got Anita involved. Anita managed everything from the initial correspondence with the debtor (by email/letter and by phone) to finding us and liaising with a solicitor. It took a long time (due to Covid) but we got there in the end and received both our money (including interest) and a moral win. I would not hesitate to recommend Anita.”

Satisfied Client June 2021

“Just a quick note to say thank you for your presentations today and helping it to be an enjoyable event for everybody.”

Satisfied Client May 2021

“Thornbury offered a hassle free service. I had a client who was way overdue on a payment and was blanking my calls and was impossible to reach. I got Thornbury to get in touch and within a day, a line of communication was established. They chased the invoice (and late fees) which ended up covering my fee to Thornbury. Great service, would recommend.”

Satisfied Client March 2021

“Thanks for your hard work getting the money in!”

Satisfied Client February 2021

“Extremely professional, knowledgeable and pragmatic service provided by Thornbury Collections. I would highly recommend Steve and team – Thank you. I simply wouldn’t have been able to recover any of my monies and your strategy was on point. Thank you and a bottle of bubbles on its way to your office.”

Satisfied Client December 2020

“Many thanks once again for all your help and guidance, I couldn’t have recovered this amount without your help and appreciate the goodwill gesture :)”

Satisfied Client November 2020

“Hi both, I’m pleased to say that the judgement went in my favour! Thank you both for all your help, support and assistance in fighting this case. I can finally breathe now 🙂 Thanks”

Satisfied Client July 2020

“Cheers Steve. You and Jade have been very professional and supportive and I sincerely thank you both for your support. Kind regards, Chris”

Satisfied Client June 2020

“I was very pleased with the swift, efficient and focused approach that Steve White and his team at Thornbury Collections took in response to an outstanding invoice that was many months in arrears. Steve took the case on swiftly, was always very responsive to my queries and kept me posted throughout the whole time, and ultimately successfully recovered the monies, despite doing so during the COVID-19 lockdown and the obvious business uncertainty that presented. In what is a very unpleasant decision to take against a client and difficult choice to be forced into, Steve and the team at Thornbury Collections made the whole process so very easy, and took a huge weight off my mind in dealing so efficiently with the matter. Whilst I hope to not be in the position where I require Thornbury Collection’s services again(!), I wouldn’t hesitate to use them and for them to be my first choice in any future similar action.”

Satisfied Client June 2020

“I came across Steve White at Thornbury Collections, via a Facebook group post about freelancers struggling with non-payment of invoices; funny how introductions work. I contacted Steve and explained my predicament of non-payment of a very sizeable invoice. Steve was very helpful and through his efforts and that of his collaborative legal partners Pannone Corporate, in particular Darren Judge, I have now been paid. The whole saga has been stressful but what a relief to hand the negotiation and process over to experienced debt collectors, where I no longer had to deal with my debtor. Thank you Steve and Darren.”

Satisfied Client March 2020

“I would like to say a big thank you to Steve and his team at Thornbury Collections for helping me recover one of my outstanding debts (4 months) from a client who had been totally unresponsive to all forms of communication. The invoices were paid in full in less than two weeks with no ill feeling between the client and me. It was the best decision I ever made by getting Steve involved. I can’t thank Steve enough and highly recommend his services to everyone who is currently struggling to collect their debts. I will definitely be using Thornbury Collections in the future.”

Satisfied Client January 2020

“Thornbury collections was recommended to myself by a friend. I had a small claims matter that went all the way to the court room. The team at Thornbury collections guided and supported me through the entire process. Removing any uncertainty about procedural matters and making sure every form was submitted correctly. Taking all that stress out of, what was to me, a daunting endeavor. They were always available to answer any questions I had and to put my mind at rest. Gold star to the team at Thornbury.”

Satisfied Client December 2019

“I can thoroughly recommend Thornbury Collections having successfully recovered a long outstanding debt in a very short space of time. Can’t thank them enough”

Satisfied Client November 2019

“Fantastic result. Thank you very much for your help with this customer. Can’t understand why we haven’t used you before! Given the opportunity, I will now promote and make our business associates aware of your services. Thanks once again!”

LimeTree Hotel London
MatthewJune 2019

“We turned to Thornbury to resolve an unpaid invoice and we were very impressed by their calm, professional approach and reasonable fee structure. They explained the debt recovery process clearly and patiently. Pursued the matter to a successful conclusion giving us ongoing updates throughout. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

A Debtor June 2019

“Hi Jade, Thanks so much for looking after us during our repayment with you. You have all been so lovely, unlike other companies that we are with.”

GBR Textiles
TomApril 2019

“Tried for months to get two customers to pay their debts without any success. Just false promises of payment and excuses. With all other options explored a debt collection service was my last resort. Contacted Thornbury and within two weeks both debtors had paid in full. It was such an easy process. One agreement to sign electronically and then Thornbury do all the hard work for you. Suddenly, instead of numerous telephone calls falling on deaf ears, people sit up and pay up! Professional, efficient and extremely quick results. Highly recommended.”

Parkway Energy
C A PayneApril 2019

“Just a note to say a huge thankyou for assisting me in the collection of an unpaid invoice. Before you became involved the invoice payer refused to communicate in any way. After your involvement the overdue money was in my account just after 2 weeks! Thanks again.”

Martin April 2019

“Hi Jade, Steve. Just made my payment to you after your successful collection on my behalf. It’s been a pleasure with you, folks. Many thanks for your successful intervention.”

Powell & Co
D ColesMarch 2019

“I would highly recommend using the services of Thornbury Collections. Steve and his team have been outstanding from initial enquiry through, negotiating and working with all parties to achieve a satisfied outcome for all. I know that if I hadn’t involved Thornbury Collections, we as a company would still be receiving no communication and the debt would have not been settled.”

Aimi March 2019

“Thank you for providing us with such a great service! Your team were very efficient and I felt informed at every stage. I will definitely recommend you to others and will contact you again should we have a need for your services in the future.”

Nationwide Drones
Mike Edwards, CEOFebruary 2019

“Pleasure to work with Steve and the team at Thornbury. Hassle free and effective, highly recommend.”

Debtor after dealing with us December 2018

“Thank you Jade. It’s been a pleasure dealing with Thornbury Collections, not what I expected at all.”

Joe Wareham
BrightonOctober 2018

“Thornbury helped me to recover an old debt from a very difficult client who had disappeared off the face of the earth. Thanks to their diligence and professionalism, we were able to settle for the full amount plus all legally applicable late fees without going to court. I am very grateful for their work and for their unfailing good style – I would highly recommend them”

Satisfied Client September 2018

“Thornbury Collections came highly recommended to me by the 4Networking Community Facebook group. I had previously had issue with a late payment which was particularly and long-drawn-out and very stressful to deal with myself. When it started to happen again with this same client, I went straight to Steve to sort it out for the sake of my time and sanity. I even thought it would cost me a fee (I wasn’t familiar with debt collection services) but to my pleasant surprise, they charged my client the fee instead. I also had low hopes that they would manage to get my money from this consistently late payer, but I was pleasantly surprised again that I got all the money plus interest into my account after a few weeks! Thanks a lot! You’re such lifesavers!”

A Debtor September 2018

“Can I just say a big thank you for the email you sent me regarding the closure of the monies owed. If only more people can be sympathetic to the difficult situation I am in, then my life would be a whole lot better. Thanks again and all the best.”

Minxie’s Beauty
Jodie MinxiesJune 2018

“As a small business owner I was always worried about not being paid for a service we had provided. Unfortunately this did happen at the start of the year and for all my efforts in chasing the payment (over 3 months) I was completely ignored. Frustrated and at a loss, Steve White (Thornbury Collection Services) were recommended to me via a friend. Having not dealt with a problem like this before I was a little nervous but Steve was so prompt in replying and explaining everything that I went ahead. Within 2 days Steve had collected the payment and it went straight into my business account. Will highly recommend to anyone who needs this kind of service. Very efficient and stress free!”

Heath Marketing Limited
Carmen Gray February 2018

“I recently asked Steve White from Thornbury Collections to help me recover an outstanding debt that had been on my books for 4 months. Within minutes, the relevant documents were sent through to me which I signed electronically and that day, a letter was issued to the debtor. The monies were paid in full within two weeks with no ill feeling between the client and I. I am delighted – it was all so quick and so simple! I also love the client account system they have that allows you to view your account updates via your own login. I can’t recommend, or thank Thornbury Collections enough.”

Morgan James Photography
Peter Morgan September 2017

“The first time I used Thornbury Collections to recover a debt they managed to get a result in the past where I had not. I found them to be extremely helpful with suggestions on how to avoid this happening in future plus giving me my options for continued chasing of payment. In particular, Jade was extremely helpful and facilitated a response from our customers. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for any and all matters relating to outstanding debt and customer collections.”

Orange Forestry Ltd
Gill Coles August 2017

“We have been using Thornbury Collections for quite a number of years when the need arose. We have always found them very efficient and reliable and they do get results. Also, they are always easy to contact and helpful with advice. I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Access By Design
Clive Loseby July 2017

“I had been struggling for over a year to get invoices paid from a company and was beginning to give up hope of ever seeing payments from them. Thornbury were very efficient and within 6 weeks I was paid in full. Highly recommended!”

Gold Dust Training
Martyn Sloman June 2017

“Steve’s approach took me from being unsure how to get payment, to being offered full payment for the cancelled training immediately PLUS 2 new dates which would be paid 7 days in advance of the training! This has meant the relationship with my customer is still intact with the prospect of us doing more business together AND on terms which work! The thing that has impressed me about Steve and his company is how quickly and efficiently their systems are followed – letters go when they are due, calls are made at the right time and their activity tracking system allows you to see what’s going on anytime you want. Fortunately not getting paid is not a frequent thing for me but if it ever happens again I’ll save myself a lot of stress and hand things over to Thornbury Collections – I expected they’d be able to recover the monies but I certainly didn’t expect further work opportunities to happen!”

Ian Jewson Planning May 2017

“Thank you for sorting, we tried for ever and it didn’t work, so you are definitely our number one and our default go to company. Awesome work, thanks guys.”

Chris Anderson April 2017

“Steve – we are very thankful for what you and your team did on this project. We could never have achieved it on our own. Jade was brilliant and very helpful.”

No1 Business Centre
David Reeves-James March 2017

“Having worked with Thornbury Collections for a period of time I am pleased to state that they are a very friendly and professional company. Queries are always dealt with in an effective and efficient manner as are the collections. Natalie (Office Manager) is a joy to work with. Her hard work, experience and professionalism has been paramount to success and has firmly bonded a good working relationship.”

Gel Studios
Graeme Leighfield November 2016

“Highly approachable, and knowledgeable. They explained the whole process clearly, and then executed it brilliantly – my monies were collected within 24 hours. I hope to never have to use there services again, however if I do, these will be the first people that I call.”

Alan Smith: July 2016

“Thank you Steve. Brilliant service as usual!!!!!”

Centurion VAT Specialists Ltd
Louise Gray May 2016

“We used Thornbury Collections to pursue a longstanding debt from a client who was particularly difficult to locate. They provided excellent advice on what action we needed to take and managed to secure full repayment of the debt and associated costs. Great service and I would thoroughly recommend them as a company.”

Thomas Design
Damian Thomas April 2016

“Thanks very much for your efforts regarding this debt and as discussed we are happy with the final payment from the debtor so we’re happy for you to close the debt and invoice us for the work. Great job! Many thanks.”

Management & Safety Training Ltd
Andrew Farrall March 2016

“At the beginning of February 2016 I finally lost patience with a client who had continually failed to pay my invoice for training services, an invoice which by that time had been outstanding since September 2015. Despite numerous emails from me, and promises from him, the invoice remained firmly lodged in my ‘Pending’ tray. On 4th February 2016 I spoke to Jade Jones, an account manager at Thornbury Collection Services, and asked for her help. I’m very glad I did. Issuing formal instructions to Thornbury was very easy; I was kept fully in the picture at all times; and 14 days after first speaking to Jade a cheque for the full amount arrived in the post from my obstinate (and now ex-) client. I would recommend Thornbury Collection Services without hesitation: fast, friendly and efficient!”
Ade Moss February 2016

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Steve and his team at Thornbury Collections for their recent work with a client of ours who was having some difficulty with their finances. In particular, I would like to thank Jade at Thornbury for her superb work in helping to resolve this issue in a timely and reasonable fashion. Jade’s attention to detail and constant updates, kept me up to date and in the picture at all times. I am certain that without Thornbury Collections I would never have seen a penny of the money owed to my company. I would not hesitate to recommend Thornbury Collections to anyone who has difficulty with clients paying their invoices, as they can not only recover unpaid invoices, but they will also go out of their way to try and keep the relationship with the client as amenable as possible.”

Client: July 2015

“Efforts and attention on your part much appreciated, a good customer ethic in practice. Thanks.”

Mr EH: June 2015

“We were very impressed with your service and will use you again in the future. Many thanks”

A Debtor: April 2015

“Either way, point of this message – you presented yourself in a way that I haven’t found with other collection agencies – human. Thank you.”

Syberry Corporation January 2015

“We appreciate your good job. If we have any more debtors your company will be the first I apply to.”

MSC Associates
Steve Crooks December 2014

“I have known Steve White of Thornbury Collections for some time and have had more than one occasion to call upon him. His advice has been of great help to my business and me and on one occasion this enabled us to resolve a specific payment issue with a client without using his company’s services at all. After each conversation I have with Steve I always come away with something of value. I recommend him and his firm highly.”

J: November 2014

“Brilliant stuff. We look forward to receiving payment. I believe we have Jade to thank for this, credit where credit’s due, excellent job Jade.”

DW: October 2014

“I lent a friend £16k to make a house purchase which was all drawn up by a Solicitor. 3 years later I was still chasing £15k from my ‘friend’. I was recommended to Thornbury by someone and this didn’t feel right. Having spoke to them I was put at ease. 3 months later the remainder has been paid in full plus a bouquet of flowers from my friend as an apology. Wonderful result. Many thanks”

A Debtor: August 2014

“May I say what a refreshing experience to deal with someone who genuinely cares and is so helpful. Thank you.”

One Life – Life Coaching
Bridget Kirsop July 2014

“Steve is someone that I network with regularly and, having heard how he’s helped people to recover money owed to them, I didn’t hesitate when I needed that service. His staff guide you through the process and I recovered the money very quickly instead of doing it myself and getting nowhere. Thanks Steve.”

Cheryl Cummings: March 2014

“I hate chasing unpaid invoices – don’t we all! After months of being given the brush off by a particularly difficult customer I almost gave up until I was recommended to Thornbury Collections. As a sole trader, not being paid is personal, it’s worrying, stressful and time consuming and Thornbury collections took the weight of it off my shoulders. They are not only efficient and effective but a pleasure to deal with, they approached my customer firmly but politely and within a couple of weeks the money was in my bank account. I can’t thank Thornbury Collections enough and would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any small business owner.”

Another Happy Client: January 2014

“I feel a little embarrassed having asked your company to pursue the now unlikely recovery of this debt. However it has confirmed the rather unsatisfactory position I am in. I would like to thank you and Steve for the way you handled my case. Professional, prompt response and honest advice!”

A debtor’s testimonial: November 2013

“As per our conversation of earlier today I have transferred the sum of £5000 into your account in full and final settlement as agreed. On a personal note thank you so much for your assistance in resolving this matter, you have been a pleasure to deal with.”

Ami Jones October 2013

“I had heard about Thornbury Collections from other business contacts, so when one of our clients did not pay us 3 invoices they were our first port of call. When we contacted Thornbury the oldest debt was almost 3 months old and there was no sign of it being paid. However within 1 month of Thornbury managing the debt for us the oldest invoice was paid, and within 3 months we had received the full outstanding amount! We know that we would never have received any payment if we had not worked with Thornbury as the Client was clearly ignoring all contact from us directly. Throughout the process the Thornbury team explained the process and the next steps, and we also had access to an online account where we could check progress ourselves. I would certainly recommend Thornbury Collections to any business that is owed money. They are a professional and friendly company and the fee they charge is certainly fair for the amount of work they put in, and the speed at which they recovered the debt was fantastic.”

Joda Property Ltd
Melanie Ball July 2013

“I would just like to say how absolutely delighted we have been with the service you provide. Selecting a debt collection agency is difficult as you hear so many bad reports. I contacted Thornbury after reading a recommendation on a landlords forum and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, I certainly wasn’t expecting full and immediate payment knowing how many others are chasing this ex-tenant for money. (Should I hear from any of his other debtors I shall be passing on your details). The next time we have a bad debt (which we invariably will) I shall be in touch without a moment’s hesitation!”

WS Marketing
Wes Skene May 2013

“Having spent far too much time chasing this invoice myself I reluctantly handed it over to Steve at Thornbury. 20 minutes after receiving their letter I received a full apology AND payment in full. That must be some sort of record!”

JDH Bookkeeping
Jackie Hooper April 2013

“I have used Thornbury Collection’s services a few times over the past few years and I have always found them to be courteous and professional in their way of dealing with what often is a difficult situation, that of collecting debt. I would certainly recommend them to any business that needs some extra support to collect payment. The fact that you don’t have to pay an up-front fee, but only when the debt is collected and based on a percentage of that debt, means that any business can afford to use their services.”

Andrew Johnson March 2013

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Steve for taking the time to see me and introduce me to a factoring arrangement which will ensure my company’s continued growth.”

Printing Company Cardiff February 2013

“We were paying £26,000 for our factoring arrangement. I now pay £16,500 for exactly the same service! Many thanks for the introduction Steve”

APC Electrical Services
Andrew Cross January 2013

“Having a small Electrical company I had to call on the services of Thornbury Collections Ltd. A larger national company decided not to pay my invoices so with the expert help of Thornbury I was able to retrieve all my money back. Excellent communication and extremely helpful staff. I would definitely recommend this company if you are in an unfortunate position that I found myself in.”

Roger Green November 2012

“Tried another firm first. They failed and gave up within a week. Passed 2 debts to Thornbury and within 2 weeks 100% success. Won’t go anywhere else next time and neither should you. Outstanding service. Thanks.”

Jayne Dougth Call Clinic October 2012

“Thornbury bring a core of sensibility into a complex situation and resolve it amicably and efficiently.”

Accountants Plus Ltd
Gethin John September 2012

“We at Accountants Plus Ltd have always found Thornbury to be tenacious and of high integrity when collecting any overdue monies for us and all of our clients we have recommended Thornbury to. We will continue to use Thornbury Collections in the future and have no hesitation recommending them.”

Green Sky IT Management
Mike Hatherall August 2012

“Thornbury collection services are legends. Fantastic results in collecting overdue invoices whilst keeping the relationship between you and your client. You’d be a fool not to use them.”

Greenhouse 37July 2012

“A reassuringly honest service with a no bull guarantee. They are prepared to try hard and ensure that lines of communication become as open as possible. No hesitation in recommending the guys at Thornbury CS”

Westcoast Fireworks
Lindsey & Matthew June 2012

“After struggling for over a year to collect a debt, we made a phone call, sent an email, received one back – and in less than 6 weeks we had all the invoiced money snuggling in our bank account. Thank you Tom, you’re a pleasure to deal with – hopefully we’ll never need you again, but if we do, we’ll be straight on the blower!!!”

Joanne Hole May 2012

“They make life just that little bit easier by effectively managing any business debts you may have. Friendly, efficient and very successful at what they do. Love ’em!”

Gayle Hackett April 2012

“Thanks for your help – a brilliant result within a few days.”

Keith Poultney April 2012

“This company helps businesses get the money in. Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and Thornbury helps in this very important area. Often companies do not know how to approach other companies who owe them money for fear of losing other potential business. By using a third party such as Thornbury, it can help towards getting those important bills paid.”

Kingswood Associates March 2012

“When you talk about debt collection, you imagine a big guy in a suit with a baseball bat! Thornbury couldn’t be further away from that misconception. The people there are lovely to deal with, entirely professional and do all they can to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome. By doing this, they often get a rocky relationship back on to an even track which results in customer retention.”

Allsorts Training Academy Feb 2012

“Chasing money and invoices is always a difficult task, these guys made it easy with their professional approach without upsetting the client. Tactful and discreet yet gets the job done.”

Mogi Marketing Ltd
Rob CourtJan 2012

“Thornbury Collections helped me recover a debt that was over 6 months old. They did it quickly and professionally allowing me to concentrate on my business, considerably reducing the stress out of the situation.”

Adrian Higgs Copywriting
Adrian Higgs Jan 2012

“Can I take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with Thornbury’s service. You have been enormously helpful – not just in recovering the debt on my behalf with most impressive speed and without alienating my customer in any way – but also in terms of advice and guidance. Thornbury were recommended to me with great enthusiasm by one of my contacts: I will be more than happy to do the same in the future.”

Computer Medicine Ltd
Jake Willott Dec 2011

“You bloody superstar – how do you do it? You’re a miracle worker! Thanks”

Six Forward
Dave Horsley Nov 2011

“Credit control used to be a time consuming pain. Thanks to the team at Thornbury Collections it is a relatively straightforward 3 step process: telephone hastener to pay; follow up letter informing the client that if they do not pay we will engage Thornbury Collections; Engage Thornbury Collections. We have had cause to use Thornbury Collections to recover 2 bad debts. On both occasions their firm, professional approach led to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned. It does not get much simpler.”

Leslie Smith Oct 2011

“Wow – have to admit to being somewhat surprised … I had got to the point of thinking that court action was going to be the only way forward. Can only say that I am delighted that I decided to contact you guys rather than go for the court action straight away – seems that it was well worth the trawl through the 4 Networking forums for advice on this one. Thanks for your help.”

Leigh Stallard Sept 2011

“Tom, you’re a bloody legend. Great job mate, thank you very much.”

From ‘the other side of the coin’…
‘A.C.’ August 2011

“Thornbury contacted me about a couple of invoices I hadn’t paid a supplier. Their letters were very direct and to the point – understandably – but clearly composed with forethought. The follow-up ‘action’ was nothing like I’d imagined it would be. In my several telephone conversations with their office, Tom (and others) always remained very courteous and professional, and made no assumptions about the situation. They listened to my grievances about the quality of goods and service, I had received from the supplier. They faithfully reported them back, to the supplier. As time went on, it seemed the matter might end up in litigation, as neither I nor the supplier could reach agreement. Thornbury suggested a mediation meeting – which went ahead under the stewardship of Peter Hopkins, on neutral territory. He made it clear from the outset that he was not ‘taking sides’ with either party, and with great skill, went on to conduct a very professional and productive meeting. The end result, was that what had previously seemed like irreconcilable differences, were in fact resolved to the satisfaction of both myself and the supplier. This would have been a good enough result, on its own. What was exceptional, was Peter’s lateral approach, making it possible for ‘an unstoppable force to meet an immovable object’ – and persuading us BOTH to change our mindsets. We not only resolved the issue of the invoices – which I later paid in full, in return for some of the goods being exchanged – we re-evaluated our previous trading relationship, admitted fault on both sides – and effectively, wiped the slate clean and agreed to start again. Neither of us has looked back since – and that really wouldn’t have seemed a possible outcome, twelve-months ago, when the dispute was at its height. Sincerely, a first class service, from Tom, Peter and Thornbury Collections in general.”

Charles Haines Photography
Charles Haines July 2011

“I contacted Thornbury Collections, on recommendation, after getting no response from a serial non payer for over 3 months. To be honest, I thought the amount owed wouldn’t be of any interest to them and I had given up all hope of receiving any payment from my customer. Tom was happy to take on the work for me, then talked me through the entire process, including his mediation with my customer and, after 7 months of trying, I was overjoyed to receive a cheque in the post this morning. Had I contacted them sooner, I could have saved myself weeks of stress, allowed myself to get on with my business and to let them do what they do best. In future, all late payment issues will be passed straight to Thornbury Collections and I can get on with running my business”

Stephen Elliot Plumbing
Elaine Elliott June 2011

“Thank you very much. I know Thornbury didn’t make much money again on this occasion, but that was a real result, I thought that she would really not back down after her ‘counter claim’. We are delighted”

The Heaven Sent Day Spa
Jacquie McKenzie March 2011

“In my experience, Thornbury Collections act with complete professionalism, with an openness and willingness to actively seek a resolution suitable to both parties. They gently but firmly guide and support their clients, operating with tact, diplomacy and pragmatism. Thornbury respond to calls with promptness in a helpful manner, negotiating their way superbly to an agreeable, timely result. They truly are the Mercedes of the collection world, I wouldn’t use any one else and highly recommend them.”

ACC Associates
Andrew Charles

“Thornbury Collections have given me the confidence they work with the utmost integrity, honesty and transparency. In all our dealings with Thornbury Collections they have given us the confidence they work in the same way ACC Associates Mortgage and Finance Planners pride themselves on – PROFESSIONALISM. I would like to thank Thornbury Collections for their service to ourselves and clients and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Serica Finance
Michael Fowler

“We have utilised Thornbury’s professional services for a while now. We wouldn’t consider using anybody else. They provide an excellent, efficient and cost effective service. They’re individual, not run-of-the-mill. They take the time and do the job, properly! An excellent ‘extra pair of hands’ for the self-employed, sme’s – and just about any kind or size of business, anywhere.”

Compass Coaching
Annie T

“Peter and his team are very experienced and very good at what they do. Not only do they deal with the difficult task of recovering your debts for you but they do their utmost to ensure that the client relationships remain intact. Your business is in safe hands with Thornbury.”

Brynammen RFC
G Davies, Hon Treasurer

“We are delighted to see your success in recovering the debt due to us. In addition to this outcome, we wish to express our compliments in the expeditious and professional manner in which you have carried out your work, and will of course be pleased to advise our members in the next AGM, and any other connection with our club, of our best recommendations to your firm in the future.

C & A Mechanical, Cardiff
Glyn Hopkin, Managing Director

“We were owed £57,000 by one customer. Eighteen months and three thousand pounds later, we were no closer to getting our money. The three thousand? An ‘upfront’ payment to a ‘professional’, national, debt recovery company. Their final report recommended litigation as the only course of action left to us! Then, Thornbury were recommended to us on a no win, no fee basis. I had nothing to lose. Just four weeks later, they had collected our money! Absolutely fantastic result. Thank you so much!”

S.G. Cardiff – Mercedes-Benz
Mark Rosser, Accountants Manager

“Our very busy Parts and Servicing Department had accumulated a number of aged, delinquent accounts. Normal, in-house, collecting procedures had been tried without success. Bearing in mind the typical status of a Mercedes owner, we issued the work to Thornbury with some reservation – after all, we’d never heard of them! However, they quickly proved their worth. TCS do an excellent job for us, and we continue to use them – without reservations – on a regular basis.”

Martin Trott, Project Manager

“I would like to thank you and your team for your extremely efficient and effective service.”

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